Israel’s enemies, sometimes with the misguided help of her friends, routinely use the United Nations in an ongoing effort to demonize the Jewish State.

When Israel constructed a terrorism prevention security fence in an attempt to stop suicide bombings and other violent acts, the UN General Assembly - defying its own charter - requested an advisory opinion about the security fence from the International Court of Justice at the Hague. Israel's opponents question the legality of the barrier, with some even calling it an “apartheid wall.”

In The Hague Odyssey, Richard D. Heideman, noted international attorney and advocate for victims of terrorism, challenges the Court and presents a compelling and insightful defense of the absolute right and obligation of the State of Israel, as every other nation, to protect her citizens.

“Richard Heideman’s clear and persuasive chronicle of Israel’s struggles over the last twenty years demonstrates with clarity and eloquence why the nation continues to face a two-front war: on one front the attackers wear explosive vests and fire rockets at civilians; on the other they dwell at the UN and The Hague and resemble no one so much as the bureaucrats in George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth.”
Ambassador R. James Woolsey
Chairman, Foundation for Defense of Democracies; Former Director of Central Intelligence
“Richard Heideman’s staunch defense of Israel against the actions of the UN is recognized and appreciated by Israel’s loyal friends and even some of her critics. In The Hague Odyssey, he delivers a thorough examination of Jewish State’s struggle for recognition and justice at the United Nations, in particular the terrorism prevention security fence and the UN’s failure to uphold Israel’s right to self-defense. This volume is a powerful argument against those who would deny Israel justice.”
Ambassador Daniel Ayalon
Former Deputy Foreign Minister, State of Israel
“The Hague Odyssey is the work of a natural scholar informed by the training of a lawyer. Richard Heideman writes from knowledge enriched by personal witness as well as careful research. A must read for those of all persuasions who pray and work for peace in the middle east.”
Professor Stephen Joel Trachtenberg
The George Washington University

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